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Dear Glicknicks,

We have reached the maximum space allowable for this account.
No more Larry Glick files can be added to this site.
For more Larry Glick audio clips go to larryglick2.podomatic.com.

Larryglick.podomatic.com will consist of Larry Glick air checks from 1976 and 1977.

Larryglick2.podomatic.com will consist of Larry Glick air checks from 1978 onward.

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Glicknick Dave


Next call is Mel Simons, famous old time radio expert.
Larry gives him a round of applause.

Larry asks Mel about the old song “Boo Hoo” and Mel plays it over the
They discuss Guy Lombardo (who passed away the previous month) and his

Mel plays a song called Dangerous Dan McGrew by Guy Lombardo.

Mel presents a lot of trivia about Guy Lombardo.

Mel plays the song Enjoy Yourself, then he speaks of Guy Lombardo’s hobby
of speedboat racing.

After speaking a little more, they conclude the interview with Guy
Lombardo’s Auld Lang Syne.


News at the top of the hour.

Larry reads the weather, and dates the program Saturday, December 31st,
1977, “the last day of this year”. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

This concludes the Larry Glick material that I have from 1977 and prior.
There’s more of The Commander from 1978 to follow in the months to come.


After the news Larry’s first caller is Jim from Winchester. Jim asks if
Larry remembers him, so Jim refreshes his memory. Jim wishes Larry a Happy
New Year. Larry begins to sing Auld Lang Sine. Larry and Jim begin to
speak about big bands and old time radio. Jim’s friend, Doug is on the
line also and says hello. Jim is 21 and works in the Mutual Fund division
of the 1st National Bank of Boston. They touch on several topics including
the Grape catching in the mouth world record.

Next caller, Janie calls to wish Larry a Happy New Year. Larry plugs Janie
singing skills. Larry asks Janie to sing. Janie obliges and sings a very
nice song. Larry gives her a round of applause. Janie and Larry discuss
some religious topics.

Commercial for New Year’s celebrations on WBZ.
Time check: 27 minutes after 1.

Next call, “Seamer” apparently a regular caller to Larry’s show. Seamer
and Larry have a funny conversation in an Irish / Gaelic vernacular. They
talk about Larry’s vacation in Florida among other things.


Larry interviews Richard Lamparski about his book “Whatever Became Of”,
a book that chronicles old time Radio/TV and Movie Stars. Larry takes calls
from listeners who ask Mr. Lamparski some very interesting questions.

Network news at the top of the hour.

Larry reads the weather, and dates the program Saturday, the last day of the
year, December 31st, 1977. Ace Glick reads the sports scores.


Larry Glick Theme at 12:05AM. This is Larry’s last show of 1977, on the
last day of the year. Larry begins the show with his unique monolog.
Larry states that someone left him a can of “Billy Beer”. As Larry speaks
of the Old Time Radio show “Life With Luigi” starring J. Carrol Naish,
Charlie DiGiovanni stops by the studio to wish the staff a happy new year.
Larry reads some amazing predictions for 1978.

First caller is a first time caller, Dave from Lynn (round of applause).
Dave speaks of his career goals to be a Psychologist. Larry speaks about
his most recent flying lesson. Dave mentions a contribution that he made
to underprivileged children. Dave asks if Larry would shoot him off the
air. Larry has some fun with the question, and finally obliges and shoots
Dave off the air.

Next caller is Dan from Cleveland. Larry adds “The home of Dr. Johnson”.
Dan asks Larry his opinion of CB radio. Larry gives his opinion. Dan
mentions some CB handles in the Cleveland area. Larry is surprised when
Dan says he is only 14 years old.


Next caller, Tish wishes Larry a Happy New Year. She wants to know is Dr.
Johnson is for real. Tish has a remedy for a hangover, called reindeer
milk. She gives the recipe.

Public Service Announcement for The Red Cross. Larry announces that next
he will interview Richard Lamparski about his new book “Whatever Became


Next caller from Chelsea wants to hear the Banana Boat Song.
Larry says he will play it now, and he does (after a spot).


News at 1AM

Larry reads the weather, and dates the program Friday December 30th, 1977
Ace Glick reads the sports scores.

Next call is Muriel, from Cumberland, RI. (first time caller, round of
She talks about visiting Sanibel Island, a seashore resort in Florida that
Larry is familiar with.

Next caller, Vivian asks if this is Muck? Larry says, Yes! He has some fun
with her. She soon recognizes that it is Larry that she is speaking to.
Vivian is a first time caller (round of applause). She is an antique


Lets take another call John, 254-5678, Hello?
Caller says Hello, how you doing? Larry shoots him off the air.

Next caller is Joey from Peabody, a first time caller (round of applause)
Joey talks about attending Norwich Military University in Vermont.

End of Tape.


Next Caller Ann from Hingham, Ma; is a first time caller
(round of applause) asks about a question Larry asked a few weeks ago.
This was a mathematical brain twister question.
Ann talks about her commute into Boston.


Next caller, Joe from Malden, reminds Larry that he never played a
song he requested a few days ago. Larry says he will play it tonight.

Commercial for The Teamsters Union.

Larry plays ”You don’t have to be Italian” for Joe in Malden.

Next caller, Dave from San Diego was born in South Boston reminds Larry
that he called about 6 months ago. He can’t hear Larry, but calls to wish
Larry a Happy New Year. Larry kids Dave about religion. Dave gives some
advice for people wanting to move to California. They talk about the high
prices in Southern California; Rent there is $265 a month for a

two-bedroom apartment. Larry adds that a street cleaner makes 21 grand a
year. Dave says baloney. The union people make $11 an hour if you are
lucky enough to get in. Dave works for the federal government as a
carpenter and makes $7.00 an hour. Larry mentions that he was in Southern
California a few weeks ago to visit his daughter, Nanette.



12:05 AM, Larry Glick Theme. Larry states we made it! He begins a lengthy
conversation with his producer, Muck Meyer.

Larry tells a story of a Boston traffic reporter’s fear of flying. He also
tells a fascinating story about the Bermuda Triangle and a lost flight.

Larry has doubts about a fat burning diet.

First call of the evening: Mentions something the Paul Benzaquin talked
about on his show.
Larry cuts the caller short, and moves on to the next call.

The next call, Tony is from Calgary Alberta Canada. He can’t hear Larry’s
show now, but he used to listen when he lived in London Ontario. He works
as a chef. Larry and Tony have an enjoyable conversation.


This is the last half hour of The Paul Benzaquin Show, which ran prior to
Larry Glick in the mid 1970’s. Paul was well aware of the huge popularity
of “The Commander”, and would often solicit comments from Larry just before
he signed off at midnight.

As 1977 was winding down with one day remaining, Paul, who usually took
more topical calls, seems to be taking more open phone - potpourri type of

At 17 minutes into the clip, Paul says the commander is aboard! Indicating
that Larry Glick just arrived at the WBZ studios.

Paul signs off at Midnight with his usual
exit, Paul Benzaquin, Your Pumpkin.
Art Gardner reports the Midnight WBZ news.


“254-5678 you’re on WBZ hello?”
Michael from West Virginia, a first time caller has been trying to get a
hold of Larry since 1974. He works as a glass blower. Larry and Michael
talk about life as an adventurer.

WBZ Station fades for a minute or two.

Next caller “Fitzy” speaks about the Kennedy’s.


Network news at 3AM
Larry reads the weather, and dates the program Friday December 2nd, 1977
(barely audible because of station fading). Ace Glick reads the sports
scores. Time check: 8 minutes after 3am

Next caller, Ray from Lowell talks about his weight problem, and how diet
pills are no good for you. As Ray is speaking about his diet, the tape
ends abruptly.


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